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NBPP's Birth Worker Blueprint: Birth, Business & Beyond Training

Join our January 30, 2024 Cohort! Our 12-week online birth worker training will provide you with doula education, business building, peer connections, and a thriving professional community led by expert doula trainers and mentors.  

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NBPP Perinatal Pros Networking Opportunities

  • Perinatal Prof'l Networking Brunch- Atlanta (February 2024)
  • ¬†Perinatal Professional Advocacy Chat- Washington, D.C. (February 2024)
  • ¬†Doula Networking & Advanced Skills Workshop- New York, NY (February 2024)


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NBPP Perinatal Pros Retreats

  • ¬†Savannah, GA- April 2024
  • Carefree, AZ-¬†October¬†2024
  • New York City, NY- December 2024


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