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Advocacy is a crucial component of NBPP’s work as it involves actively promoting and supporting the rights, well-being, and best interests of families we all support during the perinatal period. Advocacy efforts aim to bring about positive systemic changes in policies, practices, and attitudes that will create lifesaving results for birthing and postpartum people.



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Continuing Education

NBPP will serve as a place of multi-disciplinary continuing education. As we grow, professionals from many perinatal health professions will be able to find credible and reliable education courses, workshops, webinars online classes, and advanced skills resources within the membership platform. These educational opportunities can be used for continuing education credits that many perinatal health professionals need to stay licensed or certified. Let NBPP help you stay current with evidence-based education!

Community & Networking

Membership connects you with a community of birth and postpartum professionals who share your passion and dedication. NBPP will provide opportunities for you to network, collaborate, and learn from peers in the perinatal health industry. Building relationships with like-minded professionals can foster support, inspiration, and knowledge exchange.



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Access To Resources

A NBPP membership provides access to a wealth of resources specific to the perinatal health field. This will include research publications, clinical guidelines, toolkits, and evidence-based practices. Accessing these resources may enhance your knowledge, inform your practice, and ensure you provide the best possible care to your clients.

Member Benefits

  • Access to Member-Only Education Series
  •  Access to Member-Only Community Forum
  •  Affinity Groups for Advocacy Work
  •  Member Discounts on Continuing Education Offerings
  •  NBPP Team Support
  •  Find Mentorship & Career Support
  •  A Member Directory


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National Birth & Postpartum Professionals (NBPP) is a growing organization for perinatal health professionals to network, gain continuing education, and advocate for change within the birthing and postpartum systems in America.  To grow with us, sign up today!